Strategic Objective:

  • Increasing the recognition of brands and products of Topex Group.

Tactical Objectives:

  • Increasing the visibility of https://www.grupatopex.com/ in Google. 
  • Increasing the number of users and sessions at https://www.grupatopex.com/.
  • Increasing sales of products owned by the brands of Topex Group on the websites of commercial partners (Allegro, Ceneo).

Scope of activity of the Topex Group team and the Whites Digital Group

  • Digital marketing strategy including SEO, SEM and content marketing channels.
  • The concept of "Take it to the workshop", i.e. a campaign promoting the brands of Topex Group and referring to the distributors' pages on Allegro and Ceneo.
  • Strategy and implementation of SEO activities.
  • Strategy and content marketing activities.
  • Performance marketing (SEM) in the Google search engine.
  • Development of content platform (GoodC.pl from Whites Digital Group).
  • Implementation of marketing automation solutions (Vecton.pl from Whites Digital Group).

Target group

Users interested in DIY, work around the house and garden, automotive fans who like to deal with their car or motorcycle on their own.

For this specific group, we create content focused on DIY, gardening, and car repair. Content is aimed at inspiring action using the tools of Grupa Topex brands.

SEO and Content Marketing activities

The digital marketing strategy in the "Take it to the workshop" project is based on building awareness of the brand and products of Topex Group by reaching a segment of customers interested in repairs or in need of tools. The way to do this is through SEO and content marketing, which finds the audience at the moment they are most interested in the topic - that is, looking for solutions, advice or a specific product.

The goal of marketing activities is for sales. That is why such a well-thought-out strategy involves activities at all stages of the purchase funnel. From awareness building, through topic interest, referring to the product catalog, all the way to remarketing products in paid campaigns and closing sales. 

How does digital marketing work for SEO?

#1 Responding to user needs

Expert advice content that describes "HOW to do something best" and a content platform that is well optimized for SEO is where new users, or new potential customers, keep coming to. Such a user types the phrase "how to mow the lawn" into Google. There is no purchase intention here yet - rather a need for expertise and education.

#2 Building awareness

Content in which we advise what tools to use and promote specific customer brands is the next stage. Here we describe the methods in more detail, and this is the moment when we refer interested parties to the products on the websites of Topex Group's commercial partners. The user enters the specific phrase "petrol or electric lawnmower" in Google and expects a good solution, advice from a specialist whom he or she will trust.

#3 Choosing products wisely

The user, who has gained knowledge, is ready to choose a specific model or product. This is the best moment to suggest to him a catalog, technical details, product pictures, or a comparison with others. Search phrases already suggest purchase intention e.g. "Verto electric lawnmower". For such phrases, Google suggests products and stores, much fewer articles. 

#4 Sales and Loyalty

A user who has browsed a catalog is often still thinking about making a purchase. Then a paid campaign or marketing automation actions are able to precisely suggest specific products and induce a purchase. We can use these tools at a later date (e.g. new season) to trigger the user to buy the product of the brand he/she trusted.

Content marketing 


The digital marketing strategy responds to the needs of users, and its aim is to constantly encourage the purchase of products from Topex Group. As part of content marketing activities on the content platform, we regularly publish content on topics that closely resonate with the Topex offer:


  • house and apartment renovation,
  • minor home repairs,
  • home handyman repairs,
  • car repairs,
  • gardening,
  • making useful objects on your own


Content is created based on data about the most commonly searched phrases that SEO specialists provide. Content graphs (or content plans) tell copywriters which topics have the greatest reach potential and which keywords attract users the most. Content created this way after 3-4 months starts to build the reach of the website and if the website is constantly refreshed and optimized - the potential to reach the target group is huge. The higher in the Google results our content or products appear, the greater the chance that everyone who is looking for answers on a given topic will find their way to the client's website. 


Content 2 Commerce marketing

A popular and effective tactic in content marketing is to link to specific products directly from advice articles. Contextually matched to the article's topic, the products reach the user at a time when they are most curious about the topic and inclined to quickly purchase the solution.


We are using content 2 commerce methods in the "Take it to the workshop" project:


  • Box with product listing - products are closely related to the presented content of the article, and their form is not invasive for the user while reading the content.
  • Intra-text linking in the article content.
  • Automated internal linking to similar topics on the site to maximize the time spent on the platform.


Results of cooperation between SEO and content marketing specialists


SEM activities

We design paid campaigns in Google search based on content graphs prepared by SEO specialists. We create concepts and campaigns by matching them to articles and relevant keywords contained in the content.

We use broad targeting to increase the pool of keywords for which the content performed best. Based on the results of the campaigns, we analyze and improve the UX of the website in order to constantly increase its performance.

The effect of SEM activities is a constantly growing ROAS of campaigns, parameters of user involvement in the product, and as a result, increased revenues for Topex Group from year to year.


Synergy of SEO and SEM


At the core of building effective reach across the SEO and SEM, channels are knowledge sharing and collaboration between teams of professionals. From the beginning, our strategy has been that lessons learned and results from SEO and SEM efforts can be shared across teams and used in both channels. Why is this important? Both channels reached the target audience - people interested in the tools with a strong intention to buy them.

UX service and product development (GoodC.pl)

The goal of the "Take it to the workshop" campaign is to reach users who are interested in DIY, home repair, gardening and auto repair.

The way to do this is to create content and promote it so that it reaches the right group at the right time. For customers who are looking for a particular model of tool, we need to serve specific products or similar ones. On the other hand, users who are just starting to search and need education, we will manage to attract with advice and well-tailored content that will truly help them.

Grupatopex.com is a catalog of products and brands. In order to be able to publish articles and advice within the website, we had to build a content platform. This is how grupatopex.com/weztonawarsztat/ was created.

GoodC.pl, a software house from Whites Digital Group, took care of the implementation from the technological and visual side. Based on the requirements of the client and Whites' SEO specialists, GoodC.pl prepared UX and UI mockups, then created views of individual articles and categories, and implemented the CMS to operate the site.

A key aspect of the articles are e-commerce boxes, in which we suggest products from the offer of Grupa Topex that match the article topic. The UX and conversion optimization of the e-commerce boxes was the responsibility of designers and CRO specialists from the GoodC and Whites teams.

Marketing Automation activities (Vecton.pl)

Vecton is an agile marketing automation agency company within the Whites Digital Group. Marketing agency Whites and Vecton work together for e-commerce clients who need to significantly improve sales performance. Implementing solutions that automate sales, promotion or better product analytics is the answer.

As part of our work with Topex Group, we are building a subscriber base, making sure it is full of high-value users from the client's target group. We have implemented the SALESmanago tool, which is the market leader in marketing automation tools.

We provide newsletter subscribers with engaging content that educates, informs about news and activates, but above all gives value to the recipient.

Using SALESManago, we create segmentation principles that assign users to relevant subject groups depending on their interest in the content.

In newsletters, the user, in addition to the content we recommend, receives a reminder about recently viewed articles and products. We make sure that messages are readable on desktop and mobile. 

The tutorial content of the GrupaTopex.com website is distributed to groups of subscribers as part of other Topex Group brand campaigns. Thanks to this, the content of the "Take it to the workshop" campaign can be reused multiple times.


Digital marketing, which includes activities in multiple channels and at all stages of the purchase path, gives the client the greatest value, return on investment and, above all, a stable position of the brand in digital activities. Thanks to the cooperation of SEO, SEM and content marketing specialists with the Topex Group team, we have increased brand awareness, product trust and sales in the digital channel. Cooperation with the Vecton agency and the GoodC software house within the Whites Digital Group has, in return, made it possible to expand activities in the area of product, branding, UX, conversion optimization and marketing automation. For Topex Group, this meant comprehensive service and complete responsibility of the Whites Digital Group regarding the effects of the brand's digital marketing activities.


With the pandemic spreading, we were keen to increase traffic to grupatopex.com and boost online sales on our new e-commerce site Fixero.com. However, thanks to the campaigns conducted by Whites, we achieved more than just these two goals: we also gained an overall strategy for the brand's online presence.  We are pleased with the outcome of the collaboration as well as with the way it has developed: we worked together to find solutions and the teams on both sides were very committed.

Marek Kulczycki, B2C Sales Manager, Grupa Topex


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