Since 2020, the construction industry has faced uncertainty. Digitalization of sales accelerated by COVID. Sudden sales spikes in DIY products. Trouble with delivery cycles. Plus the need to build relationships with end-users and support online product sales, in many cases without prior advanced digital efforts. 

In cooperation with the Selena brand (Tytan Professional, Quilosa Professional) we synergized marketing activities to not only build a digital presence from scratch, but also to implement an online customer engagement strategy around the brand. 



Selena is a global leader and distributor of construction chemicals. It currently employs about 2,000 people worldwide. The Group incorporates 34 companies in 19 countries. Its production plants are located in Poland, South Korea, China, Romania, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Spain, and Italy.



Selena Group's portfolio includes top construction brands. Whites' activities focused on two of them - Tytan Professional and Quilosa Professional. 

Brands challenges

    • How to reach the end-user of Tytan FAST&PRO products in digital (on Spanish market: Quilosa Professional) in 8 European markets (Poland, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria)?
    • In which digital activities to invest to bring the expected results?
    • How to conduct communication in a professional, sales-oriented, and engaging way?

Target audience

Professional users of Tytan products - building contractors, site managers, and owners of construction companies - performing both general construction and specialized works on residential and non-residential facilities (commercial buildings).


Objectives of cooperation

  • Growth of brand awareness among end-users of Selena products (Tytan Professional and Quilosa Professional).
  • Engagement of the target group in all outreach channels of the campaign.
  • Acquisition of new contacts to the customer database and maintenance of the existing ones.
  • Gaining conclusions and insights for further campaigns - the client had no feedback from consumers, as it sells through distributors and wholesalers.
  • Sales support, including offline.

Digital Strategy. Foundations of customer engagement in digital

One of the key points of the strategy was the FAST&PRO CHALLENGE concept, i.e. a series of activities based on a content platform designed and built from scratch. We reinforced it with content marketing and social media marketing activities.

Strategy execution. We take action digitally

Content platform in 8 languages

This is the core element around which we built other online activities, such as contests, quizzes, and other activities. The platform supports the collection and processing of user data and customer engagement functionalities, e.g: 

  • user registration process
  • user profile
  • the process of providing feedback on products
  • pages of engaging educational and product content
  • content pages available after registration and login
  • implementation of gamification system: the user earns points for the actions performed on the site

➕ Concept, key visual (Whites).

➕ Design, UX, UI & development (Goodc).



02.  Competition and product content marketing with strategic SEO

We created a content plan coupled with a multi-phased SEO strategy that supported FAST&PRO Challenge customer engagement activities and FAST&PRO product communications.

➕ Plan and create content according to SEO recommendations for articles, to enhance their effectiveness.

➕ 36 articles written and edited in English (master file), translated and published by local agencies.

3 (2)

03. Communication strategy of Tytan FAST&PRO brand in social media

We planned and executed social media activities and master files in English (animations, graphics, texts) to be adapted for local agencies in 8 markets.

➕ 9 months of social media communication conducted as a leading agency.

➕ 3 pillars of SoMe communication.

🔸 Education about products
🔸 Entertainment
🔸 FAST&PRO Challenge

➕ 6 contest concepts in social media.





04. Implementation and operation of full activity analytics

Configuration of conversions and Google Analytics.
➕ Automatic campaign reporting.

05. Creative support

➕ Implementation of key visual of communication in all touchpoints (content platform, social media content) consistent with the client's branding.
➕ Organization of a photo shoot with the brand ambassador.

06. Implementation of customer engagement strategy

  • knowledge quizzes intended for product recipients
  • contest activation
  • knowledge articles (tips&tricks)
  • gamification program - points for actions performed on the website (e.g. solving the quiz or leaving feedback)
  • specialist ebook available for download from the website
  • webinar for experts

Activities in numbers

  • 8 language versions of a microsite (content platform)
  • Over 50 UX/UI mockups
  • 9 months of social media communication conducted as a leading agency
  • 6 contest concepts in social media
  • 10 quizzes for contests
  • 36 articles written and edited in English (master file), but translated and published by local agencies


Digital strategy and full implementation met the goal - increased customer engagement around Tytan FAST&PRO brand and products.

After 6 months of digital activities:

  • Nearly 70,000 users of the content platform 
  • Over 2000 registered users
  • 3287 opinions about Tytan Professional (Quilosa Professional) brand and products on the contest platform

One of the most valuable outcomes is getting feedback from end-users, and thanks to their insights and that valuable information about the target group and their approach towards the brand and products, there is now great potential for future digital actions.


Challenges for the agency

  • Limited digital activities - brand launch without prior digital marketing activities.
  • Activities in 8 European markets.
    • Differences in product branding between countries.
    • Different levels of user digitalization in different markets.
    • Publication of content prolonged due to extra time required for translation. 
  • Specificity of corporate client.
    • Complex structure.
    • Some markets have their own marketing teams.
  • Language and cultural differences.
  • Logistics of FAST&PRO Challenge different for each country.


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