Our goal was to boost sales for a premium fashion brand through Facebook Ads and Google Ads. The task was demanding, but thanks to our strategy and experience, we were able to meet the client's expectations and exceed set goals.


The actions taken included defining target groups for Facebook Ads campaigns and running FB Ads campaigns.
During the process of defining target groups, we focused on the demographics, interests, and user behavior that correlated most with our client's customers.


These actions resulted in a series of impressive results.
  • Revenue exceeding 1 million PLN
    Our marketing efforts directly contributed to a significant increase in sales for our client.
  • ROAS 11.6
    Our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was as high as 11.6, which means that for every 1 zloty spent, the client earned 11.6 zloty.
  • High engagement: Ad CTR 10.9%
    CTR (Click-Through Rate) is a metric that shows how many people clicked on an ad after viewing it. Our result of 10.9% means that almost 11% of the people who saw our ads clicked on them.
  • High basket value: 498 PLN
    The actions we took not only increased the number of customers but also contributed to increasing the average basket value to 498 PLN.

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Well-planned and effectively executed marketing actions can bring significant benefits. By using Facebook Ads we not only managed to increase sales for our client but also to increase engagement and the value of the basket.

This campaign demonstrated that we can deliver significant results for clients in the fashion industry, both at the premium and luxury levels.

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Marta Drożdż

Head of International Business Development