The starting point

The main aspect of Divante’s operations is creating technology solutions and products for global e-commerce businesses. The company is active within the B2B sector, working for clients mostly in the US, the UK & GASL countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg); therefore, the communication is mostly English-based. Before we started our collaboration, Divante’s blog had more than a few hundred expert articles. Subjects mostly concerned actual events, marketing or were for strategic purposes. Divante’s editorial team had also worked on original e-books. Up to that point, the team’s goal wasn’t search bar visibility; that’s why content created in-house wasn’t fully optimized to that end. We saw tremendous potential in the blog, which after the optimization, could boost visibility of Divante’s sites.

Goals and premises

  1. Increase organic traffic in key markets: the USA, the UK, and GASL
    Those are the most important countries for the client’s business. That’s why we put our focus on visibility in those places.
  2. Increase traffic to sales sites
    Sales site optimization (products and services) has a direct link to generating lead, which increases sales – so that’s a key factor of our partnership.
  3. Site migration support
    This is a special project because it was connected to Divante’s domain & branding change. Our task was to move the site without any visibility loss.



Using the in-house editorial team was, in some ways, challenging. On one hand, we had an opportunity to work closely with sector experts who know the brand’s voice perfectly as well as how to write about technology in a simple manner. On the other hand, the primary task of the editors was delivering texts to address marketing needs. Until that moment, those communication pieces weren’t adjusted to search needs. SEO publications were a new, additional task to undertake.


How the partnership looked

  1. Preparation
    Usually, we start work with a new client with a workshop, and afterwards, we create an SEO strategy based on the overall goals. This time, Divante wanted something else – a step by step introduction into new fields. We adjusted to those needs, focusing on a technology audit and content creation.
  2. Strong strategic partnership
    We are extending beyond SEO consultancy. In recent months, we have participated in creation of new product sites from scratch, including implementation and final effect verification. We have given and are still giving tips, setting task priority and delivering the proven benefits of SEO.
  3. Smooth migration of the Divante site
    At the end of August 2019, we were close to the team when their site was being migrated. The change involved modification of the layout and the visual aspect, as well as switching from to the more international, trustworthy The client was doing the project in-house, and we were responsible for supporting the marketing and development teams. We constantly monitored all effects of the migration. The result was that visibility increased just a few weeks later.
  4. Constant SEO tasks
  • Since our cooperation began, we have been managing multiple efforts which impact service optimization from a technology and semantic standpoint as well as link building.
  • We are one of the partners in the sales site creation process (together with sales, marketing and UX teams) and we optimize LP with the key sale phrases, reflecting high purchase probability and, as a result, increasing our chances of reaching the most interested customers and lead generation.
  • We influence the publication calendar with our ideas, content localization gaps, text optimization and feedback.
  • We offer technical support. For example, working with the development team, we introduced new functionalities to the blog, thus increasing its visibility.
  • At the same time, we are also a consulting partner for two other Divante brands: Open Loyalty and Vue Storefront.
  • We run a weekly status meeting with the client and are in a constant communication on Slack.
  1. SEO workshops
    The value of SEO pushed our partnership in a new direction. Experts from the client site were not only open to tips, but for a broader, more precise understanding of SEO. We have organized three different workshops for the whole editorial team, giving them our agency’s know-how. The first was about the basics and the next were about more and more advanced issues. Besides the editors, Divante’s developers and analytics teams were also present. Thanks to those workshops, experts from both sides are better able to understand each other, which clearly benefits our work.
  2. The 2020 strategy as an effect of a tight partnership
    Recently, we’ve started to work on a basis of a mutually created SEO strategy, which is an extension of our previous operations. The strategy implementation was preceded by a strategic workshop, Divante operations analysis and market analysis. It contains site architecture optimization, further strengthening of sale sites, content production and adjusting service to Google trends and algorithms.


  1. Increased session numbers by 268% on sale sites, from 651 to 2,397.
    Period comparison of 07.2018  04.2019 with 07.2019  04.2020
  2. Increase of sessions in crucial markets 

    USA – 97.25% increase, from 5,417 to 10,685 organic sessions
    Period comparison 07.2018  04.2019 with 07.2019  04.2020

    United Kingdom – 106.10% increase, from 2,871 to 5,917 organic sessions

    Period comparison 07.2018 – 04.2019 to 07.2019 – 04.2020

    Germany – 107.23% increase, from 2,640 to 5,471 organic sessions

    Period comparison 07.2018  04.2019 to 07.2019  04.2020


  3. Increased blog sessions by 155.34%, from 34,188 to 87,294.

    Period comparison 07.2018  04.2019 with 07.2019  04.2020


“Collaboration with Whites is the best proof that the choice between an agency or an in-house SEO team does not have to be a brutal one. As we are in constant touch, we are able to address simple, ‘’quick win’’ tasks as well as multi-layered projects. A big plus for us is their responsiveness and our specialists’ proactivity and thanks to the workshops and training sessions, we are extending our extra competences in the Divante content team.”

 Justyna Dzikowska – Head of Content


“The main success factor for cooperation with Divante is a mutual relationship based on trust and joint responsibility for the conducted project. I firmly believe that the current results are only the beginning of the road to increase the brand’s reach on international markets. A very competitive environment requires a non-standard approach and continuous work on website optimization, which we effectively implement within the adopted SEO strategy.”

– Krzysztof Kowalczuk Fijałkowski, Senior SEO Specialist, Team Leader, Whites


Success factors

  1. Flexibility
    Our operations were focused on the present challenges of Divante by adjusting the task timetable. Thanks to understanding the way the editorial team works, we were able to propose an optimal way to work, which leads to the most desired results.
  2. Education and showcasing the value of SEO
    We appreciate the client’s openness and the fact that the team wants to increase its SEO knowledge. Thanks to that, the work is going well. With us giving the SEO knowledge, we are able to focus on a strategic approach to all challenges.
  3. Goal-orientation
    Despite many modifications, we know where we are heading and together we are devoted to reaching our goals.
    Currently, we are in the middle of executing the next steps of our strategy. Every day we see the marvelous potential of the content created by Divante’s experts. These last couple of months have really shown how much we are capable of doing when working side by side. The early challenges were transformed into opportunities, and we are sure that the upcoming months will deliver nothing but growth.

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Marta Drożdż

Head of International Business Development