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From effective social commerce activities, through tactics for entering new social media platforms, to utilizing the most current Instagram functionalities, the upskilling sessions conducted by our social media specialists concern topics and areas with great potential for brands. These are trainings for social media marketing marketers on the client side - both local and international. We present the topics of selected sessions.

What exactly are Upskilling sessions?

Upskilling sessions are a service we regularly conduct with our clients – trainings in social media marketing, in which we follow the latest trends and look for new development opportunities on the various social channels. As participants come from all over the world, most sessions are 100% online. We focus on hard data and practical, up-to-date examples from the market. We care about the interaction and interest of our participants, which is why the sessions are full of Q&A, workshops, quizzes and fierce discussions.

Upskilling sessions don’t only provide current information in the field of social media. Sessions translate into better understanding at the substantive level, facilitate cooperation and strengthen the relationship between our agency and our clients.

„We had many great upskilling sessions by Whites, covering relevant and trending topics in Social Media Marketing. The upskillings are always well organized and full of interesting content with real life examples. Those sessions by Whites bring additional value and help to further develop digital marketing knowledge in our community."

Kristina Golovkina
Senior Digital Specialist CEE
Henkel CEE

Expert knowledge, trends, use cases. 3 sample sessions with our clients

Upskilling involves a cross-section of various topics, tailored to the needs of the given brand. As each industry has different social media opportunities and is affected by different trends, we stay up to date and share useful, practical knowledge. We are also open to dialogue and always focus on the participants' specific needs. Here are some examples of the sessions we have conducted.

  1. New, engaging formats. Instagram as a video platform session for Barnängen

Video is no longer seen as an add-on to communication, but a format with great potential. That is why we have decided to show you how to exploit its advantages on one of the most used social applications. Instagram, with 1.21 billion users, is (still) ahead of TikTok (approx. 689 million users) and Snapchat (approx. 498 million users).

  • What are the new Instagram video features and some market examples to take inspiration from?
  • What are the dos and don'ts for video on IG?
  • How can you measure the effectiveness of Instagram Stories?

We answered these questions during an upskilling session with the Swedish cosmetics brand Barnängen.

  1. SoMe sales power. Social commerce

Social commerce is the process of selling products directly on social media. The entire shopping experience - from product discovery and information gathering to the checkout process (Instagram only provides this feature to US users) - takes place directly on the social media platform. This shortens the customer journey, translating into faster and more convenient shopping, while presenting products in a wider, more social and more inspiring context. The most advanced social commerce channels are Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.                                                      

  • How do you implement social commerce into your marketing strategy?
  • What are the good and bad practices of social commerce?
  • What are the possibilities and limitations of Facebook and Instagram as social platforms?

    During the Upskilling session with the global FMCG Henkel brand, we shared the insights of our social media experts.
  1. How should you present your brand onto additional SoMe platforms? Pinterest vs. Instagram

Extending your presence onto additional brand new social platforms allows you to reach out to and interact with new communities and discover new ways to share your brand message. This broadens your possibilities for storytelling, testing and learning what suits your recipients best.

  • What platforms should brands be monitoring, and on which should they already be present?
  • How do you create different formats so that they are worth watching?
  • How should you communicate to achieve the goals you’ve set for a given platform?

During the next upskilling session, we delved into different tactics and ways to succeed on new platforms and discovered some formats such as Reels on Instagram and IGTV.

Why do brands need to stay up to date with social media?

The latest data shows that 4.95 billion people worldwide were using the internet in January 2022. This corresponds to 62.5% of the total world population (Global Digital Overview January 2022, Hootsuite & We Are Social).

The use of social media is also growing, with 4.62 billion users using them in January 2022. That's the equivalent of 58.4 percent of all people on Earth.

The number of social media users has increased by 10.1 percent in the last 12 months.

Whether you are a manager, a marketing specialist or a social media specialist, strategically harnessing the power of social media will help you reach the right people and achieve your marketing goals. Attract new customers or strengthen the loyalty of those who already know your brand. Enter into a dialogue with brand recipients, inspire them and increase sales.

Stay up to date and discover new trends, functions and opportunities in social media marketing. Find out more about our upskilling sessions.



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